Designed specifically for the entertainment industry.

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Features to make online research easier.

Music Testing
Designed specifically for online music testing. See which songs people are loving, hating, or have never heard to assist you in making the best decisions about your music universe.
Content Testing
Get second by second feedback on content. Do they love it or hate it? See how participants respond to different audio. Results can be accessed immediately.
Real-time Reporting
Results can easily be viewed and exported with our real-time survey analytics. Filter results based on your requirements.
Perceptual Capabilities
Airtime is not limited to audio testing. Delve deeper with multiple choice and open-ended perceptual questions.
Question Response Trending
Track a specific question response over a period of time. If your audience loved it in January, will they still love it in May?
Casual Participant Integration
Boost your response rates by posting a survey link anywhere on the web. Participants don’t need to join your club and can complete anonymously if they choose.
Voice Recording Capabilities
An easy alternative to sourcing and recording vox pops. Allows participants to record their voice instead of typing their responses to open-ended questions.
Targeted Email Campaigns
Advanced filtering system to target email campaigns to the right audience.
Mobile Optimised
Admin view, participant view and emails are completely mobile friendly. Set up and participate in surveys on any device.
Social Media Integration
Take advantage of your social media following. Share survey links on your socials so your followers can easily participate in surveys.
Import Existing Database
Invite those who are already signed up to your other databases to complete surveys.
Immediate Alerts
Receive notifications when a set group of demographics have completed. Receive feedback emails and unsubscription feedback direct to your Inbox.
White-Label Branding
Completely customisable design to suit your brand.
Custom Design Sliders
Purposely designed music sliders to suit station formats in mind to appeal to your Community and align with your brand image.
Custom Designed Templates
Custom designed online survey and email templates built specifically for your brand.
Easily Packaged
Nothing to download or code, everything set up for you. Just log in and start building surveys.
Estimated Survey Duration
Real-time estimated survey duration which updates as you build your survey.
Survey Diagnostics
Live feedback on your survey design that updates dynamically as you build it.
Instant Shareback for Participants
Members can see their top five songs from the survey compared to the other participants. Provides members with a reason to come back and engage with your Community.
Participant Sharing Capabilities
Participants can share their top rated song on Facebook, driving organic recruitment for your Community.
Identify Raving Fans
Pinpoint your most loyal survey takers as well as raving fans of particular songs or artists.
Filter Random Members
Easy filtering to select a random list of winners.
External Panel Provider Integration
Reduce brand bias and boost your response rates by including external panel participants.
Music Scheduling Software Integration
Import results directly into music scheduling software by including any kind of textual metadata.
Bulk Audio Upload
Custom built software to quickly bulk upload your hooks into your libraries.
Extensive Hook Library
Access to extensive library of song hooks that is updated regularly.
Offline Responses
Internet connection issues are not a problem with offline capabilities. Cache answers within the browser and responses are sent back to server once internet connection is resumed.
Top Security
Using strict SSL certificates and maintaining high standards by adhering to the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour and the General Data Protection Regulations in the European Union.